Short Stories
Entry No. 30   November 2004

Only In Mexico...

... Can you befriend a family that takes you in as their own, takes your new-found friends in and gives you all they have and teaches you all they know.

... Can you "run in" to Jimmy Carter and leave his chief assistant with some pencils.

... Can you find the postal service administrator in town and get him to open the
Post Office on a Sunday.

... Can you hand wash all of your clothes that morning only to get lost on a side street and fall in a huge puddle billowing with mud in front of a Mexican drunk who said "don't worry, I fall too!"

... Do you learn that what you thought was the 5 PM ferry is really the 3 PM ferry so you bike your legs off to get to the ferry and then the ferry leaves 1.5 hours late.

... Do you end up at hotel Rey, psyched that your room has its own garage and a bidet only to
find that it is a Hotel de Paso in which you pay by the hour. We got a good rate: $20 for
the whole night!

... Can you find a man lying on the side of the road and assume that he is just sleeping
off a hangover.

... Do you still get a piropo even after picking your nose and butt and revealing some
awesome tan lines.

... Can you get there faster than the mail.

... Have I experienced such a wonderful culture of generous, lovely strangers who have so
little yet give so much.

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