Short Stories
Entry No. 29   October 22, 2004

Work in Baja California Sur

This isn't much of a story. I just wanted to share some pictures of what I have been doing in Mexico. I've talked with kids from primary (1st to 4th), secondary (5th to 9th), and prep (10th to 12th) schools here in Mexico. I promised them they would be on the Internet so I wanted to post some pictures. I have discussed so many different things with them. Each class has been different. With the younger children, I had them help me with the children's book that I am cooking up and talked to them about things they can do to respect the environment for all that it gives us.

With the older kids we talked about things like killing animals simply for pleasure versus necessity, finding ways to create incentives for people to collect plastics and other possible recyclable materials, even talking about taking action in their community and being a strong voice for the future of the town.

It has been really quite amazing and very fulfilling. Nevertheless, there is bound to be a mix up with my Spanish. Apparently, saying the "very tip of Chile" in Spanish can also refer to a guy's you-know-what. This is when you are thinking of Chile not as a country, but as a
spicy condoment...

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