Kristin Sullivan R�sum� 2006
Work Experience
Community Energy, Inc./ December 2005 - August 2008
REC Market Supply and Policy Analyst
· Worked with stakeholder, legislative, and special interest groups to help shape policy that supports wind development and REC marketing.
· Communicated with supply development team on market trends dictated by REC supply/ demand/pricing research.
· Tracked and reported on various Renewable Energy Initiatives within the United States, focusing on the New England and Mid Atlantic Regions:
    - State Renewable Portfolio Standards- including NY, PA, NJ, NH, IL, CA
    - Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
    - Clean Air Interstate Rule
    - Carbon Markets Research
· Managed acquisition of NOx and SOx allowances to retire for Renewable Energy Credits that are sold to commercial and industrial customers who support wind energy.
The EarthCycle Campaign, Alaska to Argentina June 2004-June 2005
Extended Tour Cyclist
· Informally founded The EarthCycle Campaign as a bike tour for the environment.
· Planned 14,000 mile bike ride which included various stops along the way to exchange information about simple   ways we, as individuals, can lower our impact on our environment.
· Created a range of presentations and pamphlets to distribute:
    - Power points for children and adults in communities
    - Speeches with minimal materials
    - Lessons in Science and Geography for children of grades 4th-8th
    - Presentations to mixed age-group audiences
    - All events and presentations were created to address local issues such as logging and how it affects watershed     deterioration, bay and ocean pollution, over fishing, adverse effects of mining, and natural gas and petroleum     flaring to name a few.
· Maintain a website, with support, to share the experience of the tour as well as provide information gathered along   the way about more ways to lower our impact
· Sponsored in part by Clif Bar, Patagonia, and Rudy Project -Technically Cool Eyewear
PWI Energy, Philadelphia PA March 2001-June 2004
Energy Analyst, Certified Energy Procurement Professional
· Created emissions reductions goals for clients and monitored conservation projects that contributed to overall CO2   emissions reductions. With our guidance, Pfizer has announced a CO2 Emissions Reduction Goal for 2007.
· Collaborated with Voluntary Climate Change Programs such as WWF Climate Savers and EPA’s Climate Leaders   to assure our clients’ emissions reductions goals are challenging and our data management is certifiable.
· Investigated Climate Change Policies in various countries where clients will be affected by the Kyoto Protocol and   other mandatory emission reductions programs.
· Managed various clients’ natural gas, electricity, and fuel oil use patterns to save money via tax exemptions, tariff   switches and third party supply options.
· Managed and coordinated energy conservation projects involving HVAC, Lighting, Boilers, Compressed Air   Systems, and control systems as well as surveys at all of our clients’ Spanish speaking sites.
Peace Corps, Honduras September 1998-December 2000
Natural Resources Extension Agent
· Designed and implemented management plans for the promotion and protection of a newly designated 17,300- acre   wildlife refuge: Corralitos. Field investigations of fauna and flora were planned and trails were designated.
· Performed an 11-day study in the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve to assess the environmental and economic   feasibility of creating an ecotourism adventure to be handled by Native Pesch Indians.
· Organized, designed, and constructed a water and sanitation project in a town located within the buffer zone of the   wildlife refuge.
· Facilitated monthly environmental activities with 69 students at the local school to encourage and promote the   preservation of the Wildlife Refuge.
· Conducted a workshop for 40 formal and non-formal educators on the proper integrated use of Environmental   Education materials donated by the North American Association for Environmental Education.
  All activities conducted in Spanish
Gettysburg Recreational Adventure Board (GRAB), Gettysburg, PA October 1996-May 1998
· Planned and carried out rock climbing, backpacking, horizontal and vertical caving trips for the campus   community and youth groups with a focus on team building, leadership development, and conflict resolution.
Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA BA Environmental Science; Biology Minor May 1998
Semester at Duke University Marine Laboratory, Beaufort, NC Fall 1996
Other Interests
Triathlete Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance-Ultimate Frisbee
PADI Certified Wilderness First Responder
College Lacrosse All American 2 years Environmental Leadership Program Senior Associate
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