Short Stories
Entry No. 31   November 11, 2004

Pay 270 Pesos for a Good Time at Chico's

After leaving Sayulita and our new found friends, the under aged RVers, who made us some great meals, we skedaddled on to Puerto Vallarta. Susanna wasn't feeling all that well and we took it easy in the hills. We had gotten most of our errands done and only a bank heist and a bike shop were in order in crazy Puerto Vallarta.

We were expecting PV to be like Mazatlan and decided we wanted to get in and out as fast as possible. The actual town turned out to be quite cute, but I thought I was going to lose my ovaries due to the rocky cobblestone streets. We got through it and gave the bikes a little love and words of encouragement and continued on. We met jay from BC, Canada who told us we should stop for a swim at Chico's Paradise and slipped us 50 pesos to hook Chico up. We decided we would ask Don Chico for a little spot to camp out in and hope for the best. After singing some Lion King songs spurred on by the fact that our surroundings were lush, jungle canopies, I started complaining about the end of the day hill we were traveling up. We finally got to Chico's paradise and it really was a paradise. The only trouble for us is it was an outdoor restaurant and not a place to camp.

After asking Joel, a waiter, if there was anywhere that we would be able to camp in the area, he went and talked to someone and pulled some strings. For the price of 2 dinners and some lemonade, we had the whole restaurant, bathrooms included, and a vigilante, Alberto, with whom we kept watch for the night.

Although we awoke to the damn roosters, we also awoke to a beautiful view of the waterfalls from the Ojo de Verano River south of PV. As we packed up, we decided that a swim was in order. We ran into Nicolas who had just returned from a night out with the ladies and he made us fruit cups with yogurt and then showed us a great swimming hole. We jumped in and enjoyed the cold water, escaping the hot 8 am sun. After various, unsuccessful attempts of trying to charm the bike shorts off Susanna, he finally let up and left us with some chocolate treats for the road.

For 270 Pesos, we had a wonderful dinner, a place to sleep, a place to swim, some chocolate treats, and another great story. Not a bad day in Mexico....

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