Short Stories
Entry No. 28   October 17, 2004

The 48th Hour

Well, I sit here in front of a fire, listening to the chatter of my three companions at a little beach off of the highway just south of Mulege. I think about how things come to be and how karma works. I am truly amazed.

A few days ago, Matt informed me that he would not be able to continue the trip. His girlfriend, Deeana, unfortunately had a stroke and Matt decided the right thing to do is to go back and be with her and help her through it. I admire him for doing this as I've learned that this trip is something he's wanted to do and has been really excited about it. I also can't help but consider that he may be happy to part. He might be fed up with me as we're both pretty headstrong and have our own way of doing things. I always try and remember he's got 20 years on me and probably knows quite a bit more about certain things.

After hearing the news I confided in someone very close who told me not to think about it for 48 hours. It is very good advice and I plan on applying this approach to future situations. Nevertheless, I need to practice at it. It was very hard not to try to come up with a solution as soon as possible. Me being me, I thought about every possible reaction to this. No Matt means no compaņero. No compaņero means tough trip. It means sola. Very sola. I thought of what I would do. I would definitely get to La Paz and then see how I felt. I thought about riding my bike until it broke and then head home but I realized my problems have been nil which could mean getting to Chile and biking back because the damn bike isn't broken yet. I thought and thought and thought and came up with "we'll see".

At around the 48th hour, as Matt and I were leaving San Ignacio, we came upon Orian and Will. Two amazing characters that we have come to know and admire. And just guess where they are headed? A little town you may be familiar with called Ushuaia in Argentina.

After spending a few days with them, they left us in Loreto as I am preparing for my business trip to Puebla and Matt is heading home to Deeana. Who knows if I'll meet up with Orian and Will in La Paz or thereafter, but just meeting them when I did is a good enough omen for me.

I think I am going to be OK. Something will work out. Karma will continue to amaze me.

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