People Along the Way
With the various people and personalities I've met, I just couldn't resist sharing some of their words with you!
~ When asked if he had a girlfriend, 18 year-old Eric Eithier of Carnaby, BC said: "Yes, her name is Palmela Handerson."
~ I was in a cozy Burmese restaurant with Nate Anderson and Becca Levin of San Francisco when Nate dove into a beautiful monologue of his secret dream to go down to the lawless areas of Yaviza, Panama, just at the mouth of the infamous Darien Gap. He wanted to pull in with a bad-ass BMW cross bike (half dirtbike, half motorcycle), go into one of the places where they serve beer, order one, and place his 9 Millimeter pistol just beside him on the table, positioning it just so to be able to quickly have it at the ready in case it needed to be used.
Upon divulging this information to Becca and I, he daintily said: "Can you please pass the lettuce cups?"
~ After checking out my gear and eyeing my arm and leg warmers that go up to about my bicep and mid-thigh respectively, Doug, Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary's friend of Fairbanks said to his wife "Honey, why don't we get you a set of those and you can just wear those?"
She blushed
~ "I guess boys are smart. I just don't know any."
Zoe McDonell Myers, Juneau, AK
~ "Do you want some pot? I have alot if you want to deal"
Anonymous, Vancouver
~ I tell my kids to talk it out instead of fight and then we turn on the TV and Bush says "Fight"
Gerrilyn McNeill of McCleary, Washington
~ After asking Larry Chase of Umpqua, Oregon if he had any good tips on how we can lower our impact on the environment, he said "just be conscious" then paused and said "like, WAKE UP!"
~ "Mother Nature always bats last"
Connie Carlton - Volunteer at the Ocean Institute at Dana Point, CA
Finally, someone I can relate to....   
Piura, Peru
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