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Entry No. 50 April 6, 2005

Some Journal Entries

I have been in a dry spell for writing over the last couple weeks so I thought I would compile a few quick journal entries I had made over the course of the trip. My journal is basically what is on the web site here and in emails but every once in a while, I make some notes that I thought would be fun to share with you.

2/9 Caleta Cruz, Northern Peru
Susie had some chain problems today so I lent her one of my chains. We found a great canyon to sleep in just after town and across from a nice beach. I finally got my bike up and over a hill of sand with Orian's help and then started to set up. There were some branches strewn on the ground, just enough for a little fire. Even better, there was some dried manure to get it started. It makes a great base for a fire as it burns for quite a while. I also noticed that the horse poo fit perfectly into my pooper scooper shovel. I found myself using the shovel like a lacrosse stick and scoring goals in a little triangle of trees. It brought back lots of memories.

3/14 Coastal Southern Peru near Ocoņo
Today is my brother's birthday. Ryan likes to surf so I have taken a number of pictures of waves hoping to find one good enough to send him for his birthday. The coast is beautiful and the wind is minimal today. After searching for what seemed like hours for my sunglasses that were resting on my head and Susie realizing that she had been wearing her biking gloves inside out for the past week, we sat eating lunch, wondering how we ever made it this far.

3/20 North of Tacna, Peru
It really felt like Peru was pushing us back into its interior. The winds and deep valleys to climb out of really annoyed me. I got so mad. I just wanted the damn wind to calm down, and if it wasn't going to calm down, why the heck weren't they harnessing this energy? I would have felt better about all of this wind if we were looking at a landscape with wind farms here and there.

3/22 Entering into Chile
We cross the border into Chile much later than expected. It is dark and the goal is Arica, still 20 kilometers away. I constantly scan the surroundings, looking for thieves, muggers or anyone of suspicion lurking in the shadows. I think about where we will sleep, what is the exchange rate, and clean laundry. Susie, on the other hand is singing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. I laugh at how different we are. I think some more and realize we are quite similar. I find myself murmuring the words too.

4/6 Copiapo, Chile
Today Susie and I arrived in Copiapo to meet Sheldon. We finally met after a few emails and phone calls. Sheldon had noted his troubles with Spanish before meeting up with us. His accent needed some work, nevertheless, he was quite capable of pronouncing "Escudo", one of the local beers. The waiter understood perfectly.

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