Short Stories
Entry No. 37   December 18, 2004

Hometown Honduras

Honduras was the country I served as a Peace Corps volunteer from 1998 to 2000. I was not even two months into training when Hurricane Mitch roared through the very center of my tiny country and took from these people, not material things, which these people didn't have or care about, but strong bonds of dead loved ones and hope. I then worked for almost two years after, seeing the after-affects in so many different ways.

I lived in the Department of Francisco Morazán in the municipality of Cedros in a town called Pueblo Nuevo. I just returned from there. It has been an emotional few days that have left me exhausted and with a cold. I think visiting my Honduran family filled a void of missing my family over the Holidays. It was so fantastic to go back and visit my friends and family but so sad to have to leave so soon. I had forgotten what great people they are and how welcoming, loving, generous, and funny they are. Even my dog, Pelucha, jumped up and down when she saw me and never left my side for the entire time I was there. I went to my little sister´s graduation from 12th grade (Thank God she's not pregnant yet) and it was so great. To hear even the National Hymn made me so proud that I belted the words out along with the rest of the Hondureños. I think we all felt we had to since the music teacher, of all people, seemed a bit off key.

This was the first time in 6 months that my bike trip was not in the forefront of my daily thoughts. I wanted to stay and help out with some little projects my counterpart had cooking up and it brought back so many memories. I always thought that I had taken away so much more from that experience than anyone in my town had. However, the kind words, the tears and loving acts told me that I had made some kind of impact on them and I truly hope that I have expressed just how much they have done for me as a person.

It bothers me so to see such good people who are constantly giving to always be just getting by. It also bothers me to see just how self-destructive this country is, politically as well as environmentally. These feelings drive me to try to make things right. Nothing is hopeless. If I think that way, I am doomed!

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