Short Stories
Entry No. 36 December 2004

"The Environment... Nothing Serious in Honduras"

Our visit to Honduras was absolutely amazing in so many ways. First, I was able to go back to my town where I worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer and say hello. This was truly amazing for all parties involved. Susie met my whole family and my family was just so excited that I didn't forget about them. Second, my visit to the Peace Corps office to see some of the personnel and directors and jefes was great. My one boss, Luis, told me all about the volunteers that have been in the sites that I worked in and how things have transpired since I left. It was great to hear that things moved along smoothly after my departure and 3 volunteers were put in the area surrounding the buffer zone of a Bioreserve where I worked. Unfortunately, though, I wasn't able to work out any environmental activites but seeing this article helped to feel that people are aware of the issues. I wrote to the author with the hope of helping in some way eventhough I have already passed through. Please enjoy!

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