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From head to toe, here are just some of the companies that really care about how the everyday products you use are safe and environmentally friendly:
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Hair Aveda products are great for skin, hair, and overall sanity and everything they produce is not only made from all natural ingredients but the process considers and mitigates water and air pollution, habitat destruction, waste generation as well as various other impacts to our earth.
Ears Whether it's a Walkman or an MP3 - Use rechargeable batteries! Make your choice of battery online from Sanyo! Of the 2 billion disposable and rechargeable batteries Americans use every year, the vast majority are tossed out with household and office garbage rather than being treated as hazardous waste, which they are. Batteries contain toxic substances that can contaminate the soil and ground water. Whichever battery you buy, try and recycle them. The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation gives some great information on where and how to recycle them! Duracell has voluntarily eliminated all of the added mercury from its alkaline batteries since 1993 .
Eyes We can't see without light- sunlight during the day and electricity and light bulbs at night. Why don't you stroll down to your nearest IKEA and pick up some energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs. Also check out some other forms of energy efficient lighting from Creative Energy Technologies. You might think back to those college days when you tried to get rid of that horrible lighting by putting a tapestry over the light, but the little bulbs are really much softer, and they're better for your eyes. I won't tell you n\how much you'll save, but you'll be happy with your next electric bill.
Mouth oh what goes into your mouth. From what we eat and drink- think of all of that packaging and waste to get food and water into our mouths. Do you know our body only lasts three days without water? Don't try it.
Hands Behind the wheel of an SUV? Don't do it. You'll waste over $1,300 in gas costs alone. You think you'll feel safer? Uh- NO. In fact, studies show that you actually get a false sense of security with these things and act less cautious and more like an idiot. These beasts roll over more, have more blind spots, and don't maneuver any better on ice than a small car. Now, if you're in Alaska, with snow drifts of 40 feet and, unfortunately for the deer, are transporting your venison home for the winter, I can see the need for something more than a Cooper. Nevertheless, any city or suburb dweller should really think small- think Honda and Toyota hybrids. Check out the Honda Insight too. Awesome cars, there is nothing different about the car except that it saves you money. You don't have to "plug it in" or find a gas station with hydrogen, you just put your gas in and go. And you get a $2000 tax rebate.
Toosh All right, let's face it. The waste that we make (that comes out of our body, that is) is REAL tough to make into organic fertilizer. It can be when dried, but that in itself is another story and at least another Peace Corps service. Anyway, not all of the waste we create is flushed away. Take a minute to read Our Mummified Trash and think about starting a compost pile.
Legs Well, this is dedicated to the American ladies and avid cyclists who shave the legs -and actually for guys if they shave their face- but I'm down to the legs and so I'll just talk about all razor products here. First, stop being a sissy and go get those sticks waxed! You'll waste some organic wax and cloth which will biodegrade faster than you can have 4 kids and watch them grow up into responsible, environmentally conscious adults! For guys, use a hand razor and just replace the blades. An interesting fact: Go to your parents' or grandparents' house and look in the medicine cabinet. Do you see the slits there about the size of a razor blade? That's where grandpa and pops used to dispose their used razor blades - a lot less waste than throwing away a full razor, no? Check out some razors by Merkur.
Feet What gets most people on their feet in the mornin'? A cup a JOE. Now I am not sure what to tell you if you need a double caramel latte with a shot of vanilla, but I do know that on trash night behind Starbucks they don't recycle ANYTHING. So, if you do like exotic teas, try Boston's tea varieties. Otherwise, go with Greenmountain Coffee roasters- you'll be impressed with their commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
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