Short Stories
Entry No. 58 June 9, 2005

Toy's Story

This is an email from Toy Tabito, a Japanese cyclist who I had kept in touch with since Ecuador. His first email to me grabbed my attention as he recounted, in slightly broken English, his vivid recollection of his run-in with the FARC in Colombia. We were hoping to cross paths since but that didn't happen until Ushuaia. This email, like his other, left me with a tear. Thanks Toy


Ola, Kristin
Again, Congratulation. As I can see your big smile again through your photo, I can imagine how you overcome yourself both physically and mentally along the way. As a visual proof, what you have done is the worth for your life, for sure for your purpose: to get attention to our environment. I believe that you surely have sowed a seed of about environment in our mind and world. Yet, you know, once you plant, you need to take care of the seed. Othewise, the seed never grow. I know you are going to keep working on. And we keep working protect our Mother Earth.

I hope our children can still see lots of trees and breathe fresh air, always and forever.

Thanks for riding together, even just one day, it was nice to ride with nice people who have pure heart(you, Orian, and Will). I enjoyed very much. I wish I could ride more. Yet I know you have important job to do in US. So, I will push your back softly and send you back to your friends and family. Robert Neelly Bellah said, "Leaving home in a sense involves a kind of second birth in which we give birth to ourselves..." Show your HUGE smile to your beloved friends and family!!! They willl know you are different from last time when they saw you.

Take care and good luck (Ganbatte)

Un grande Abrazo,

p.s. Have you ever heard "Spaceship Titanic"??? Well, this is just my joke (but serious). I hope you watched the movie "Titanic". When I was in Osorno, Chile, I stayed at a hospetaje and watched the moive. In a very climax scene, when Titani was sinking, you know some "Rich and old" people escape from the disaster by a little boat and many people died with Titanic... While watching this scene, an idea flashed into my mind. I hope you know what I want to say. This is coinage by myself referring from "Spaceship Earth". Who is "rich and old" people??? The people who made our environment worse. Because they are rich and old (or say have power or authority), they can run away from sinking Spaceship. Then who is going to die with spaceship, then??? Our children.... So, how can we save them??? We also prepare some little boats, then and escape from OUR spaceship??? No, no...We don't need to prepare such a boat. All we need is to pay attention and take care of our MotherShip......sorry my POOR English. I hope you understand what I try to say. oh, by the way, the captain in the Titanic died with people. Such a nice captain. If there are more such a captain, we can keep traveling by our Mothership.

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