Short Stories
Entry No. 54 April 30, 2005

Thoughts from the Transmarchilay Ferry

As we rumble along the Desertores Canal of Region X, the Lakes Region, I have a lot to think about. Susie, Sheldon, Orian, and I are on our way from Puerto Montt to Chaiten. We have just passed or are still passing Parque Pumalin to our left and still have about an hour or two to go. I look at the map and fear what is ahead but also can't believe I am almost done. I am looking forward to this beautiful area but I am not sure of how I will handle the cold.

I look back on different parts of the trip and it amazes me how clear some memories are and how muffled others can be. I remember stopping at the Knotty shop just 3 or 4 days into my trip and getting a free ice cream cone because I had a coupon from the Milepost. Uncle Jim also called it the Naughty shop which I thought was hilarious. At this shop, I also met a man who asked where I was headed. When I told him Chile, he commented that he wasn't aware of any town called Chile here in Alaska.

There were and are so many days when I doubted I would make it to Chile, yet with every day of doubt, I had a day of definitive assurance that I would do it. Throughout this trip, I have felt like I have handled what was thrown on my plate well and with reason and caution. I hope I am a better person for it. Nevertheless, at the same time, I feel like I haven't had it all that difficult. Maybe 6 days of rain, nothing stolen, only a few things lost or broken... There is still a bit of dirt road ahead and if something should happen, I think I should have to deal with it since I have been almost coddled over the last year. Not having to have dealt with too much difficulty will make me all that much more willing to deal with some issues in the freezing cold... Maybe. Is there any wood to knock on around here?

As for changes. Where to begin. On one hand, I would say to some that times change, people don't, unless they want to. I know. This is untrue for some but people change only when they themselves want to change and won't do it for anyone else and shouldn't. Nevertheless, they should also be ready to lose something but maybe look forward to gaining other things. (Am I making any sense? I'm OK with it if I am not.) People also change and don't realize it. It is hardly ever a conscious decision to change. It just happens. I think that is happening to me. I think I have changed and just don't know it, which makes me wonder if I will swallow my "times change, people don't" opinion. Susie and Orian have said I changed but it has been hard to understand just how. It is not that it is necessarily good or bad, it is just different. It may be good for some and bad for others with whom I surround myself. I hope it will be good for those closest to me. This is totally leaning to Deep Thoughts and I like being shallow and funny so I will stop now.

That is it for now, I better get packing up and stop worrying about what lies ahead and
just do it.

Note: Transmarchilay is the name of the ferry that tooks us to Chaiten. It is short for Transporte Maritimo Chiloe Aysen

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