Short Stories
Entry No. 23   October 1, 2004

Mi Compañero Nuevo

My new companion, Matt Card, weighing in at 165, has a good size frame (bike frame, that is) and boasts a 5'10 and 3/4" height. He is a Long Beach California native and celebrates his birthday on October 2 (1). He has two children; Britt, 19, who is a sophomore at Mill College in Oakland, Ca and Teague, 18, who skipped a grade after passing out of his high school proficiency test, attends Fullerton Junior College in Fullerton, Ca. Matt has been involved in heavy engineering general contracting most of his life. He was also part owner of a distribution warehouse that he just sold. Therefore, when he saw my Companions Wanted Ad in the Adventure Cycling Association's monthly newsletter, he contacted me.

He had been the fourth person who had seriously contacted me and since the others had fallen through, I wasn't going to get my hopes up yet. Nevertheless, as I approached Southern California and maintained contact with him, I started to get excited. He seemed normal, and I wondered if my "I'm normal" act was holding up. We first met at his girlfriend, Deanna's house in Redondo Beach. We had a great dinner and talked about the trip, the gear, and what we might need going into Mexico. He was normal, fit and ready to ride. Nice. I'm wondering when he'll find out that although I am fit and ready to ride, I am far from normal!


(1) If you can guess his age, you'll get a little something in the mail from me! Family and girlfriend may not participate! Just put his age in the subject heading and your address in the body and that'll do it. I'll contact you if you are correct!

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