Short Stories
Entry No. 16   August 5, 2004

Ride On

Biking in and out of peoples' lives has certainly left me emotionally drained. Since Aunt Mary in Fairbanks - to Zoe and Joe in Juneau - to the neatest teens, Sarah and Colin, in Bellingham - to Vancouverites Gayle and Dan and also Chris B, the avalanche physicist/biker who escorted me to the border - to my latest stint featuring Tom Griga and friends, I've hopped in and out of these people's lives and their showers.

They've all impressed me so much by their impressions of me, their friendliness, generosity and out-of-their-way willingness to make my trip a success. It is hard just walking away with a thanks. Without meaning to or knowing, some have caused residual laughter as I ride on, thinking about something they said, some have made me want to work even harder at making this trip a success logistically and environmentally, some have dazzled me by their intelligence and opinions and input, and one has even made me wish I could stay a little longer.

To bike on just helps me realize how pointless this trip would be without the people in it. Places and things to see are great and beautiful and make me want to assure their preservation or responsible conservation, but it is the people that mold and shape who I will become and the more I meet and get to know, the better the person I will be.

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