Short Stories
Entry No. 14   July 25, 2004

Goodbye, B.C.

As I sit on a bench in bustling Vancouver, with my Tim Horton's "Ice Cap"(1), I wonder where the last month and a half went. Today is my last day in Canada. I am a bit down about it, actually. At times, I forget what I did see and think only of what I didn't get to see or do. I feel as though my business here is unfinished both personally and environmentally. There are still so many places I want to get to know and there are so many aspects about Canada and how they do things on an environmental platform that I want to learn and spread.

After supporting Safeway for two weeks to simply get my 8th signature classic sandwich for free, I found another supermarket called Save On Foods that is Canadian based and has created a very impressive recycling affiliation called Changes Recycling Center. This provides consumers with a very convenient place to recycle everything. I mean everything - the plastic wrapper on the cap, the cap, the paper on the bottle, and the bottle. They also provide an incentive by granting bonus points for recycled goods that can be put towards purchases in their catalog of goods. I was disappointed that I hadn't supported and promoted this supermarket during my time here in Canada.

I want to find out more about it and try to emulate this somehow in the United States. I want to help find an answer to safely and effectively save the pines trees ravaged by the mountain pine beetle. I want to visit so many places and I have even thought about living in a few I've seen. I want to come back for sure. I'll come back, even in the winters. Goodbye Beautiful BC, you've been wonderful to me.

By the way, I just got offered some bud and they've got lots if I want to deal - I think I'd better go sit somewhere else.
(1) Tim Horton's is like a Krispy Kreme and they offer Iced Cappuccino known as "Ice Caps"

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